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We are able to support our clients with a range of services including: taking further instructions, drafting, attending client, attending third parties involved in the matter, attending court, considering documents, telephone, correspondences, preparation, instructing counsel or experts, conferencing with counsel and client, travel and waiting etc.



 a. Private Clients:


Initial Consultation fee for Family Law, Criminal Law and Immigration Law Matters is – £220 - £280 fixed fee (VAT excl.) The specific fee will depend on the Solicitor's year of call/grade. Each Consultation will be a maximum of 1.5hrs. Please note this cost does not include post consultation services. 

 b. Legal Aid qualified Clients:


A free consultation may be available for clients seeking advice and assistance on Family and Criminal law matters; however, this may be subject to a means assessment to determine if said client qualifies for free legal advice which is payable by the Legal Aid Agency. You will be advised when you contact the Office whether you can be considered for free legal advice and the documents (evidence) required for the means assessment. 


We do not have a Legal Aid franchise for Immigration matters which means we can only provide private client services for this area of law. 

For Post-consultation services and timelines, please see the pages for the specific areas of law within this section of the website.


Court fees, counsel fees, expert fees, medical reports fees, home office fees, process server fees, interpreters’ fees, intermediary fees, and other third-party service fees as may be required in individual case. 20% VAT may be applicable depending on the service provider. The client will be advised on this once the nature of the matter is established. For more information on likely disbursements, please see key stages of pages for specific areas of law i.e. Family, Crime and Immigration.


Indication on the key stages of the matter and likely timescale depends on the individual matter. This would be included in our Retainer letter once instruction is ascertained and confirmed. Further information is available also upon client enquiry.


Any other services that might reasonably be expected to be included in the price displayed but are not included in the price displayed will be clearly and promptly communicated to the client and advised accordingly. The reason for not including this in the prices displayed within our pages on pricing for each area of law (Family, Criminal and Immigration) is due to the fact that the foreseeability of this information depends on individual matters and can only be identified once instructions are taken from the client.


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